Hair has always been a kind of indicator of attractiveness among both women and men. Beautiful, thick and shiny hair - it must be admitted that everyone dreams of such hair. The popularity of high-end shampoos, conditioners or magic pills for hair growth is constantly growing, but the problem of hair loss does not decrease at all.


Hair loss - causes

Everyday life does not spare us stress and tension. Unfortunately, these two factors have a negative impact on the scalp and hair, and their effect is baldness. In the current pandemic times, hair loss can also appear after a hard Covid-19. Another reason is the lack of proper nutrition, the transition to restrictive diets poor in micro and macronutrients and vitamins. Next is long-term medication in large doses. Drugs that are supposed to help us, e.g. reduce fever or relieve pain, also cause hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem for women after pregnancy. Hormones are also responsible for hair loss in both men and women. In women, it manifests widening parting line, and in the case of men there are bends or a "nest".

Hair loss - treatments

First of all, if hair loss has been occurring for a long time and becomes troublesome for us, you should go to a specialist trichologist or dermatologist. During the consultation, the specialist can ask questions about lifestyle, medications taken, how long the problem lasts, then he will tell you what tests should be done in case of hair loss, make a diagnosis and only start treatment. The most commonly used treatments for hair growth are mesotherapy and carboxytherapy. Scalp needle mesotherapy is one of the best treatments for hair loss and growth, nourishment and prevention of hair loss. It is a treatment that works on the scalp and hair from the inside and consists in the administration of individually selected nutrients that are injected into the scalp. Another equally effective treatment for hair loss is carboxytherapy. This treatment consists in injecting medical carbon dioxide with a thin needle. As a result, it increases the amount of collagen, the formation of new blood vessels and inhibits hair loss and stimulates their growth. We have good news for people who are afraid of needles - the procedure is performed with a thin needle and is not very painful, and if necessary, local anesthesia can be used.

Hair loss - care

For the best results, professional treatments should be combined with individually selected home care. It doesn't have to be something complicated right away - you have to start with the basics. Proper washing of the head with a shampoo matched to the scalp. Applying conditioners to the hair. Regular combing without wrestling the hair. It is also worth doing head massages and you do not need any magical devices for this. The massage is performed with the fingertips, massaging the head in circular motions. It would be good to take care of the hair from the inside through proper nutrition, and if there are major deficiencies - the use of individually selected dietary supplements is recommended.