Ph.Doctor are products created and developed by Dr. Nina Wiśniewska.

Serum with glutathione for the upper and lower eyelids

It lifts, tightens and moisturizes the upper and lower eyelids, smoothes wrinkles and reduces dark circles under the eyes. One of the few products that actually WORKS! The serum is ideal under make-up, does not roll up and does not dry out - it is an excellent base for make-up. The contained glutathione is called the peptide enzyme of youth, it has a brightening effect, eliminates pigmentation spots, age spots and freckles, has an antioxidant effect, stimulates growth hormone, which regenerates the skin. DMAE lifts the skin from the first use! It reduces the visibility of wrinkles, increases the elasticity and luminosity of the skin, and the entire effect is strengthened with the length of use. Albizia extract lifts the fold of the upper eyelid and reduces crow's feet. The product should be used every morning and evening on the cleansed skin of the upper and lower eyelids.

Lipid face cream

Moisturizes, nourishes and deeply regenerates the skin of the face after the first use! The cream will find its use during retinol, peeling and laser treatments. The rich composition works on many levels - niacinamide: has an anti-inflammatory effect, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate: moisturize, rice oil and squalane: regenerate and strengthen the skin barrier, shea butter and macadamia oil: nourish and supplement lipid deficiencies, allantoin and panthenol: soothe and soothe , milk thistle extract (tripelargonin): softens the epidermis. The cream can be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, on cleansed face skin. The skin after applying the cream has a satin finish, it can be used regularly. Just like the serum for the lower and upper eyelids, the cream will also work well as a base for make-up, extending its durability.

Delicate face wash emulsion

It cleanses and soothes the skin without the tightening effect, it is suitable for all skin types: with imperfections, erythema, blackheads, acne, seborrhea, as well as for skin during dermatological treatments, sensitive and irritated skin. The emulsion has anti-smog properties - the contained algae oligosaccharides have a proven cleansing effect on environmental pollution. With repeated use, it does not dry the skin and does not irritate it. The product is suitable for both young and mature skin of women and men. The emulsion should be used twice a day - wash the face and neck for at least 1 minute with water. Rinse with plenty of water.