Lipid face cream was created to deeply moisturize, regenerate and soothe our skin. It's the perfect combination of lipids and niacinamide. Lipids are natural compounds that form a protective layer of the skin, they protect against solar radiation, against drying of the skin and work to maintain its good condition - they moisturize, regenerate and nourish the skin. Cosmetics with lipids are very important in skin care, because they rebuild the damaged hydro-lipid coat. Niacinamide is a B vitamin that regulates the secretion of sebum, reduces the visibility of sebaceous glands, soothes inflammation and reduces discoloration. Niacinamide in cosmetics is a very popular and extremely effective ingredient, it has a wide spectrum of action, thanks to which it can fight most skin problems.

What are lipids responsible for?

Lipids protect the skin against harmful external environmental factors such as pollution, wind, cold, frost and solar radiation. When there is an insufficient amount of lipids in the skin, it becomes dry, prone to cracking and damage, and the skin itself becomes rough and rough, unpleasant to the touch.

What are the causes of disorders of the lipid layer of the skin?

The aforementioned external factors, i.e. dry and warm air in the rooms (especially during the heating season), air conditioning, frost, solar radiation, acid treatment, chemical peels, excessive skin exfoliation, wind, too frequent and strong washing of the skin (often with the wrong care products) skin disinfection. Skin diseases - e.g. allergy, irritated skin from frequent wearing of a protective mask, atopic dermatitis, other dermatological diseases. Skin aging causes reduced production of ceramides, squalene and sterols. Lipid face cream from Ph.Doctor is an extremely universal cosmetic, suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin after dermatological treatments. The applied vitamin B soothes irritated skin, has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the epidermis. The composition of the cream includes squalane and rice oil, squalane is a lipid substance whose action is versatile. Squalane intensely and deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, prevents aging, delays the entire process, reduces already visible wrinkles, softens the epidermis, gently illuminates, stimulates the production of collagen, and most importantly, does not clog the sebaceous glands. Rice oil contains high concentrations of an antioxidant that inhibits the formation of cancer cells and contains vitamin E. It inhibits the aging process of the skin, stimulates the skin and accelerates the formation of new cells, has an antioxidant effect on the skin. These two combined substances make the skin regenerate incredibly quickly, the skin becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch. The satin finish of the skin is invaluable, and thus the cream will work well as a make-up base that does not contain clogging silicones.

The Shea butter contained in the cream is rich in vitamins A, E and F. Vitamin A accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reduces mimic wrinkles and eliminates discoloration. One of the important properties of vitamin A is its effectiveness in treating acne. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and delays the natural aging processes of the skin, regenerating it and maintaining an appropriate level of hydration. Vitamin F soothes severe inflammation, accelerates the healing of wounds, including scratched pustules, regenerates the skin. Vitamin F will also be effective in the fight against acne, because it soothes acne lesions and regulates the secretion of sebum. Effectively protects against wind and frost, preventing skin dryness. Macadamia oil regenerates and protects cells against free radicals, makes the skin smooth, has a nourishing and anti-aging effect, firms and gives the skin elasticity, and has an anti-wrinkle effect. Macadamia oil is very safe, it will work well for delicate and sensitized skin. The cream contains as much as 89% of natural substances, does not have a fragrance composition, thanks to which it does not sensitize or irritate the skin, it is suitable for allergy sufferers, vegans and pregnant women.



Ph.Doctor Lipid face cream 60ml

Ph.Doctor Delicate face wash emulsion 200ml

Ph.Doctor Serum with glutathione for the upper and lower eyelids 30ml