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Hand disinfection in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the extremely dangerous COVID19 virus, is very important. Taking care of personal hygiene has always been an extremely important element of every person's life. Disinfection, or decontamination, kills microorganisms and spores. Its task is to take care of our health and longevity without infectious diseases. Today we all realize how important it is to wash your hands every day and take care of sterility and cleanliness of your hands in public spaces and more. Each of us is responsible for the future of civilization, as well as for the survival of humanity for the next centuries, decades of years. In order for it to last as long as possible, we must ensure that viruses are not spread by droplets through human-to-human infection. We have to stop the domino effect. That is why disinfection, thanks to all disinfectants, is essential for our common future.