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  • Folded paper towels type ZZ or in the role of PureMED

ZZ folded paper towels are made of ecological waste paper or cellulose. The universal size of the ZZ folded towels allows you to adjust them to any dispenser and container available on the Polish market. The towels are of high quality, they absorb water well. A product of the Polish brand LAMIX. They can be used wherever it is necessary to take care of hygiene and safety at work and the environment. They will be perfect equipment in medicine, varnishing, industry, gastronomy and any other industry.

Roll towels are made of paper, thanks to which they absorb water very well. They provide one of the most hygienic ways of drying hands in public spaces. They do not spread bacteria, rotaviruses, Covid19 Sars-Cov2 viruses, coronavirus between users. Unlike cotton towels, they are safer, they do not blow air, as is the case with electric dryers. They are disposable and must be disposed of with the garbage after each use by any person. They are a necessary product found in all office buildings, industrial plants, beauty salons, schools, hospitals, restaurants and public toilets. They are very absorbent and durable, thanks to the two layers of each towel leaf. A roll of towel, thanks to its form, allows it to be placed in a special dispenser. This makes it easy for us to take as much paper as we need at a given moment.