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Badly done lip augmentation? Acid Migration? Wrong filler? Asymmetry after unsuccessful lip augmentation?

The solution to these problems is the use of hyaluronidase, which will dissolve the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronidase comes from the group of enzymes. It has the property of depolymerization, i.e. the ability to decompose molecules - it breaks chemical bonds, which results in the breakdown of hyaluronan molecules and accelerates its biodegradation.


Before administering hyaluronidase, it is necessary to perform an allergic test. In the absence of an allergic reaction in the body, you can start dissolving hyaluronic acid.

The application of hyaluronidase takes place with a very thin needle in the place where the filler was injected, e.g. the mouth, cheek area or nose. Even a small amount of hyaluronidase is enough to reduce hyaluronic acid lumps. After administration of hyaluronidase, slight swelling or bruising may occur at the injection site.

Effects of hyaluronidase administration

The effects are visible after 72 hours, and the whole process takes up to 3 weeks. Our body should excrete and metabolize hyaluronidase within one week of the procedure. One treatment should be enough to achieve a satisfactory effect.


Will hyaluronidase dissolve any filler?


Hyaluronidase works against all cross-linked hyaluronic acid approved for use in the European Union.


Who can give hyaluronidase?


Hyaluronidase is administered by an experienced specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine.


Contraindications for the treatment with hyaluronidase:


allergy to the venom of hymenoptera (wasps, hornets, bees) or sheep and cattle proteins

viral, fungal and bacterial infections,

damaged skin surface at the sites of hyaluronidase injection or ulceration.

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