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The needles most commonly used in medicine are usually metal, made of a long, thin tube sharpened at one end to pierce the skin, and are primarily used for injecting drugs and fluids, or for drawing materials for testing. The needle can also be part of a cannula and allows you to connect a venous line. There are several types of injection needles:

hypodermic needles - thin and quite short, most often used for vaccinations, e.g. for injecting insulin, due to the fact that they are thin and short, they minimize pain for the patient

intravenous injection needles - longer and with different diameters, in addition to administering drugs via the intravenous route, they are often used to collect blood for tests

needles for intramuscular injections - medium length, thick, with a strong and stiff structure, enabling them to be inserted into the muscles

needles for lumbar puncture - long and very thin, sometimes used with a thicker guide, allow for spinal and epidural anesthesia, as well as for collecting cerebrospinal fluid for examination

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