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What are the indications for face volumetry?

Aging skin loses its elasticity and elasticity. Fat tissue disappears with age in the epidermis, which makes it flaccid and falls off. The effect is to change the contour of the face. One way to get rid of these defects is volumetry.

The indications for its implementation are:

loss of proper skin volume,

wrinkles and furrows,

sunken cheeks

lost face oval.

 At what age to perform face volumetry?

Volumetry treatments are most often performed in middle and old age. However, this does not change the fact that the preparations can be used on the face without any age limit.

What is face volumetry?

Volumetry involves introducing a filler, which includes hyaluronic acid, into the selected part of the face. This causes an increase in the volume of soft tissues where fat cells are lost most.

The applied preparation fills the collapsed part:



nasolabial folds,

the corners of the mouth,



the lower jaw area.

This allows you to emphasize the shape of the face and correct its profile. The effect is uniform and, above all, looks natural. It lasts from 12 to even 24 months. However, it depends on the type of product used.

What are the fillers for volumetry?

Volumetric fillers are distinguished by high plasticity and density (compared to other agents based on hyaluronic acid). In all treatments, preparations of high flexibility are used, which allows for any modeling of the face.

How quickly do we maintain the effects of face volumetry?

The effect of the treatment is immediate. After the first administration of the selected preparation, the patient notices a visible difference. Volumetry not only improves the oval of the face, but also gives the dermis volume, smoothness and tension.

How long do the effects of face volumetry last?

The effects persist depending on the type of preparation administered, most often from 12 to even 24 months.

What preparations work well in volumetry?

The best and available preparations in our store are: Juvederm Volift, Stylage XL, Stylage L, Saypha Volume Plus, Saypha Filler, Fillmed Filorga Art Filler Volume, Fillmed Filorga ART Filler Universal, Fillmed Filorga Art Filler Fine Lines, Neauvia Intense, Neauvia Intense LV , Profhilo H + L, Radiesse, Restylane Volyme, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Deyfne, Hyalual Alexa Smooth, Medium, Volume.

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