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Love Cosmedical is a new company on the aesthetic medicine market founded in Italy born of the experience and creativity of its founders. It operates in a highly specialized medical industry providing the highest quality products. The proposed preparations are based on the latest technologies and scientific research, which can be successfully implemented into everyday clinical practice while maintaining the highest level of safety.

The brand is constantly developing and introducing innovations in order to achieve the highest possible level of proposed products. He cooperates with specialists and doctors of Italian universities.

The company exports its products to more than 40 countries that work closely with the brand, thus ensuring constant availability of products, as well as training and assistance in everyday work and customer service.

The mission of Love Cosmedical is to design, manufacture, constantly develop and introduce new, innovative products, and everything to combine the two most important aspects for the company – effectiveness and safety, which is why each preparation has been tested in specialized laboratories.


FaceLine line – home care

  • Neofound Serum

Love Cosmediacal introduced Neofound Serum in a completely new formula designed to smooth, brighten and tighten the skin. The product is full of active substances and enriched with natural oils and moisturizing substances. As the brand describes, "it's magic that your skin didn't know it needed."


  • VolumeLOVEUP

It is a class 3 medical device intended for injection. The revolutionary VolumeLOVEUP concept is an extremely versatile filler capable of providing the expected effect, in any area of the body, without quantitative limits.


This is a line of products aimed at solving problems with local hypertrophy of adipose tissue in order to model the figure according to our needs.

  • Desobody

The optimal concentration of sodium deoxycholate (1.25%) allows you to effectively treat all unwanted areas with accumulated adipose tissue. The goal is to reduce body fat in a non-surgical way while maintaining the highest safety and obtaining the desired effect.

  • Desoface

The special composition of the preparation allows you to effectively and safely treat localized fatness of the neck and face. Sodium deoxycholate (0.5%) emulsifies adipocytes, caffeine supports lipid metabolism, Eguisetum has a decongestant effect. The goal is to effectively reduce body fat in a non-surgical way, minimizing the risk of postoperative complications.

Celluline Line

This is a line of products aimed at removing cellulite from selected parts of the body.

  • Strikecell

The formula is intended exclusively for the treatment of the so-called "orange peel". It contains well-balanced active ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine, horsetail, artichoke, and each of them has a specific function that is supposed to help fight cellulite as a result.

  • Celluerase

A microsurgical cannula designed to remove cavities that result from a change in the network of connective tissue strands that bind the dermis to deeper layers.