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Face cream is the basic care cosmetic of every person. The night cream can nourish, regenerate and moisturize the skin during the night's rest, while the day cream prepares the skin for make-up. The face creams available at PureMED are intended for various complexions as well as women and men of different ages.

Face creams - how are they different?

When choosing a face cream, you should be guided by both its purpose for a specific type of skin and its adaptation to complexions of different ages. It is worth adjusting the cosmetic to the season of the year. PureMED offers both light creams for warm days and heavier, regenerating creams for colder days.

Face cream with SPF filter.

Face cream with sunscreen is not only used in summer, we should use it every day and at any time of the year. Not only the skin of the face needs a sunscreen, but also the neck, cleavage and hands. To avoid unsightly wrinkles in the future, use an SPF cream on all parts of the body. There are many types of sunscreen creams, not only can they protect against the sun, but also protect the skin against aging, discoloration and inflammation. A well-chosen day cream with a sunscreen can work wonders!

How to choose an age-appropriate face cream?

Regardless of your age, use a sunscreen for the day! At night, use a cream that, depending on the type of skin, will have a soothing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle or moisturizing effect.

How to match the face cream to your skin type?

If you are not sure exactly what your skin type is, a dermatological or cosmetological consultation will be the best solution. Dry skin requires a moisturizing face cream to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of tightening the skin. Creams with a rich consistency work well for both dry and combination skin. Lighter formulas of cosmetics require oily skin that needs creams that absorb quickly and normalize the work of sebaceous glands.

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