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Cannula - what is it?

The cannula is a small diameter tube made of plastic with a steel needle at the end. The tube and needle can be of different sizes depending on their intended use and the puncture site. The Durga part of the cannula allows you to connect a drip or a syringe with liquid. Most often it is used as an intravenous or peripheral cannula, commonly known as a cannula.

They are most often used in medicine as an intravenous puncture through which the patient can directly administer drugs from the drip, without puncturing the vein each time. Venflon may be permanently localized in the vein for 72 hours and should be removed after this time to avoid inflammation. The size and diameter of the cannula can be recognized by the color scheme. Each color the cannula is made of represents a particular cannula size. They are used in hospitals to prepare the patient for surgery. The necessary electrolytes are administered via a cannula. Intravenous medications are also administered and the frequent blood collection process is facilitated.

Cannulas are also used in aesthetic medicine wedges, in particular in procedures that involve injecting so-called fillers under the skin's surface - preparations to improve the appearance and often also the condition of the tissue. Cannulas are used, among others, for needle mesotherapy, lipolysis or carboxytherapy. Their flexible form allows for safe and very precise implementation of liquids under the skin. The cannulae used in aesthetic medicine procedures differ from the structure of the intravenous cannula. Thanks to the special injection technology, which is located on the side, there is no risk of damaging or disturbing in some way the structure of the facial nerves and other parts of the body undergoing the procedure. It is recommended to be used especially in treatments such as tear trough or nasolabial folds. The blunt tip of the tool allows for a safe process of injecting and extracting fluids, even in very sensitive areas. Recommended cannula treatments include injection lipolysis with Neauvia Organic, carboxytherapy with Neauvia Hydro, and face oval lifting with WIQo PRX-T33.

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