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Blackheads are nothing more than skin eruptions that we can see on our face, but not only, because it happens that they also appear on the chest or back. They are created largely by blocking the sebaceous glands by sebum and exfoliating the epidermis, but also by inappropriate care. Therefore, it is worth delving into the subject in order to be able to enjoy beautiful and smooth skin.

There are two types of blackheads:

Open - formed when sebum stagnates and is exposed to infection with bacteria that are present on the surface of the skin. We can then notice characteristic black dots, which may turn into lumps or purulent pustules over time.

Closed - different from open in color - these are white and noticeable only after skilfully stretching the skin. They are a problem mainly for people suffering from acne.

In the case of open or closed blackheads, proper and conscious care for the face and the whole body is essential.

What are the causes of blackheads?

In the case of the causes of blackheads, we can distinguish direct causes:

Excessive production of sebum,

Disturbed process of exfoliation of dead epidermis,

Hyperkeratosis of skin cells,

And indirect:

Skin type - combination or oily,

Hormonal changes,

Diet - processed foods, fatty foods, sweets, nuts,

Inadequate skin care - the use of cosmetics that clog the pores of the skin (consisting of paraffin, lanolin, silicone, artificial dyes, talc, avocado oil) or the use of cosmetics that excessively dry our skin and cause increased sebum production - strong peels or cosmetics with alcohol in the composition,

Irregular care and exfoliation of dead skin,

How to get rid of blackheads?

The most important thing in the fight against blackheads is regularity. Particular attention should be paid to the daily cleansing and moisturizing of the skin using appropriate and well-matched cosmetics. It is also worth taking advantage of cosmetic procedures after prior consultation with a specialist - cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Recently, chemical peels are a very popular treatment performed to combat blackheads, which are designed to exfoliate dead epidermis, thanks to which the sebaceous glands are unblocked and the skin is not contaminated and it is not exposed to the possibility of bacterial infection.

Other treatments that allow you to get rid of blackheads are microdermabrasion, iontophoresis, ultrasounds and laser therapy. However, it should be remembered that it is the specialist who selects the appropriate treatment for our skin.

Treatments performed in specialized offices, unfortunately, are not as effective as our daily home support and skin care. First of all, the face must be cleaned every day to get rid of impurities, dead skin, makeup residues, microorganisms and excess sebum from its surface. All these factors clog the pores, block the opening of the sebaceous glands and lead to its accumulation and contamination. That is why you should wash your face at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. It is also beneficial to use a delicate gel and massage it into the skin with circular movements, then rinse with warm water. In such a situation, it is best to use only your own hands and not to use washers for this purpose, which often accumulate bacteria and dirt.

After proper face cleansing, the cream must be applied. It is best to choose one that will protect the skin against excessive loss of water from the deep layers of the skin, stimulate the regenerative processes of the epidermis, act as a barrier to the harmful effects of external factors and regulate the work of the sebaceous glands. Just like cleansing the face, moisturizing should be carried out systematically - in the morning and evening for each part of the face, preferably with a tapping motion to stimulate blood circulation and skin tension.

In addition, it is worth performing an independent exfoliation treatment once a week. People with acne problems should opt for an enzyme peeling, due to the risk of aggravation of the skin condition after mechanical peeling.

Which cosmetics to choose?

Regardless of the intensity of the problem of blackheads, acne or individual blemishes, care products must be matched to our skin type. Starting with the washing gel, through the cream or make-up remover, they should be washed so as not to aggravate the problem with blackheads.

It is recommended to choose dermocosmetics - products that are not only caring, but also have healing properties. What to look for ? First of all, the composition. Vitamin E accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, the cleansing foam with zinc will prevent the formation of new blooms. In the fight against blackheads, glycerin, vegetable fats and pantothenic acid are also beneficial in the composition. It is very good if the day cream has an SPF sunscreen, also the also the one for the winter.

In the composition, you should avoid ethyl alcohol, artificial dyes or fragrances, as they can adversely affect the condition of our skin and even worsen it.

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