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What is mesotherapy?

Needle mesotherapy has been very popular with both women and men for many years. This is because the treatment allows you to quickly improve the condition of the skin, making it more elastic and visibly illuminated. We regain a younger and more well-groomed appearance, which also has an extremely positive effect on our well-being. Before visiting an aesthetic office, find out why it is worth choosing this safe and practically painless procedure.

What is mesotherapy?

 The needle mesotherapy treatment consists in injecting nutrients into the affected area of ​​the skin. The most important ingredients of such preparations include, among others, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and coenzymes. An extremely thin needle is used for injection, which significantly minimizes the patient's discomfort. In addition, a needle of such a small size allows you to make many punctures without the risk of seriously damaging the skin structure. As a result, active substances reach deep into the skin, accelerating the processes of its reconstruction.

What else is worth remembering when deciding on mesotherapy?

Safe mesotherapy is mesotherapy performed by a doctor - a person with appropriate education and experience. A treatment carried out by an expert means safety, as well as a visible and natural effect of rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. Before the first treatment, many people also wonder if mesotherapy hurts. Due to the fine needles, patients usually feel no pain, but in some cases they may feel uncomfortable. A lot depends on the threshold of sensitivity. Nevertheless, in any professional office, you can ask for anesthesia with a special cream that is safe for the body and does not affect the results of mesotherapy in any way.

Why is choosing the right preparation so important?

In order for the effects of the treatment to be as visible as possible, it is worth choosing a preparation tailored to the individual needs of our skin. That is why in PureMED there are products that stand out on the market, carefully selected, their use guarantees beautiful appearance and patient safety. Our store knows what to pay attention to, so that just a few milliliters of the preparation allows you to achieve the desired result. Various preparations are used in mesotherapy treatments. They are intended, among others for the revitalization of the skin, which struggles with wrinkles, dryness or loss of radiance and firmness. They can be used by people who need deep skin hydration, improve its color and remove the first signs of aging. It is also worth mentioning that mesotherapy preparations are primarily responsible for intense hydration and illumination, thanks to which they are also perfect as delicate but visible nourishment.

How often should the needle mesotherapy treatment be performed?

In the initial period of using needle mesotherapy, three treatments are performed every 2 weeks (± 7 days), the fourth treatment is usually performed two months after the start of the therapy. Reminders are performed every 3 to 6 months.

What are the indications for needle mesotherapy?

Firming, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity,

Long-term anti-wrinkle effect,

Hair loss prevention,

Cellulite reduction (thighs, abdomen, buttocks),

Stretch marks reduction.

What are the contraindications for needle mesotherapy?

Allergy to preparations used during the treatment,

Pregnancy and breastfeeding,


Skin infections,

Skin poorly tolerating injections (vascular skin, risk of fibrosis),


Use of drugs that reduce blood clotting (eg Aspirin).

What are the side effects after the needle mesotherapy treatment?

Pain during injections (can be eliminated with an anesthetic cream),

Inflammatory reactions - erythema, slight swelling - may persist for a week,

Bruises, subcutaneous hematomas,

Indurations or lumps in the treated area

Stains or discoloration in the treated area,

Insufficient or weak effect of the treatment,

Very rarely, skin necrotic changes, abscesses, granulomas, allergic reactions.

What are the brands that offer needle mesotherapy preparations?

PureMED offers the following products: Filorga, Hyalual, Croma, Neauvia, Revitacare, Professional Dietetics.

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