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What are cosmeceuticals?

The very word cosmeceutical was created from the combination of the words cosmetic and pharmaceutical. In Poland, a cosmetic is defined as a preparation for face and body care, the task of which is to improve the patient's appearance, and may have a fragrance. A pharmaceutical is a medicinal product, a pharmaceutical is produced by a large pharmaceutical concern. To sum up, a cosmeceutical is a preparation for face and body care with healing properties. It has active factors influencing human physiology, e.g. in the areas of aging and acne-prone skin. Cosmeceuticals provide much better face and body care effects than ordinary cosmetics, they are able to deal with imperfections.

For whom are cosmeceuticals good?

Cosmeceuticals are recommended for people with serious skin problems, as well as prone to various diseases. They have active ingredients, e.g. retinol, acids, lipid forms of acids or peptides. They are able to deal with most skin problems. They can reduce discoloration, wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes. Well-chosen care can reduce pores, capillaries, melasma, acne, dry skin, excessively oily skin. The cosmeceutical can deal with any type of skin: very dry, dry, combination, couperose, reactive, oily, acne, dull, with discoloration, acne scars, irritated, with a disturbed face oval.

A cosmeceutical and a dermacosmetic?

Dermacosmetic is a derivative name of a cosmeceutical.

What are the types of cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are available as: tonic, neutralizing tonic, acid tonic, eye cream, eye serum, night face cream, day face cream, night face serum, day face serum, SPF face cream , enzyme peeling, fine grain peeling, coarse grain peeling, acid peeling, chemical peeling, body lotion, lip balm, micellar water, face wash gel, make-up remover gel, make-up remover, make-up remover oil, face wash oil, lotion for washing the face.

What brands make cosmeceuticals?

The cosmeceuticals available in PureMED come from the Fillmed and WiQo brands.

How to use cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals should be used in accordance with their intended use, i.e. if the cream is for day use, it should be used for the day. Remember, to act anti-aging, you should use an SPF cream EVERY DAY, not only during holidays and during the sun!

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