TETRA C SERUM from PH.DOCTOR - Discover the new product in Puremed!

 A multi-tasking serum with a stable form of vitamin C that does not irritate even sensitive skin!

Tetra C serum moisturizes, evens out the color, brightens discolorations and has anti-wrinkle properties. It's a great antioxidant for your skin in a small bottle.


88% of the ingredients contained in the product are of natural origin, the product is even suitable for vegans!

The serum is completely safe for pregnant women.


Vitamin C contained in the serum is ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is the most expensive and effective form of vitamin C, it works effectively even at low concentration, deeply penetrating the epidermis, it does not require a low pH to ensure effectiveness, making it completely safe for sensitive skin and during dermatological treatments. Applied does not cause irritation and flaking of the skin.


Based on research, it is known that using this form of Vitamin C twice a day for 3 weeks effectively lightens discoloration caused by sun exposure. It prevents the appearance of new discolorations because it blocks the enzyme responsible for the production of the dye. It protects your skin, helps fight free radicals. It works well as a product under sunscreen, thus increasing the degree of protection against UV.


One bottle is up to 30 ml of a wonderful product that works effectively for all skin types.