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The use of fillers

What are fillers?
Fillers are preparations based on hyaluronic acid or synthetic fillers.

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. After the age of 25, the content of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases, causing the formation of wrinkles, hollows and furrows. The skin loses its firmness and the cheeks and lips lose volume. Until the age of 40, the body loses half of its collagen resources.

What are the properties of hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the epidermis and smoothes wrinkles, these are its most common properties and application. In the water environment, acid molecules increase their volume a thousand times, one acid molecule can absorb about 250 water molecules. Included in the cosmetics is a guarantee of well-moisturized skin. By binding with water, it fills the intercellular space, which smoothes the skin, tightens it and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid works well with collagen, keeps collagen fibers in good condition, surrounds them, moisturizes and nourishes.

What do treatments with hyaluronic acid give?
Hyaluronic acid is the best and most popular filler, treatments with its use are quick and effective, the effects are immediate and visible to the naked eye. Hyaluronic acid can moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, contour the face and any other part of the body, fill every wrinkle, furrow and model, change the shape and volume of the lips.
The most popular preparations with hyaluronic acid available at PureMED.com.pl:
Are there any side effects from using hyaluronic acid?
Yes, they depend on our body and the person who performs the procedure. Possible consequences are: reddening of the skin, swelling, slight bruising, itching at the injection site, skin discoloration, abscesses. All these effects disappear within a week after the procedure.
Is there a replacement for hyaluronic acid?
The substitute for hyaluronic acid are synthetic fillers, these are substances that do not occur naturally in the human body. Their advantage is that the effects last longer, and the possible side effects are the same as in the case of preparations based on hyaluronic acid.
The most popular synthetic filler available at PureMED.com.pl:
Preparation for the procedure with the use of fillers:
For 3 days before the procedure, you should not take aspirin or other blood thinners and use anti-inflammatory drugs. You should not drink nettle and ginger infusions. The treatment does not require prior allergy tests.
Indications for the use of fillers:
The most common treatments with the use of fillers are performed on the face:
Filling wrinkles (crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, interbrow lines, wrinkles above the upper lip), nasolabial furrows,
Dropped mouth corners
Lip augmentation,
Lip contouring,
Volumetry (correction of the face oval, sculpting the zygomatic area and cheeks),
Filling cavities in tissues,
Filling acne scars,
Naso-frontal angle,
Raising the eyebrow,
Filling the valley of tears
Raising the tip of the nose
Correcting an upturned nose,
Non-surgical nose slimming,
Correcting the shape,
Correcting the shape of the jaw and chin,
Filling the chin.
What are the contraindications for the treatment with fillers?
Pregnancy, lactation, autoimmune diseases, hypertrophic scar formation, skin inflammation (herpes, acne).
Was your procedure well performed?
In order for the correction of facial or lip asymmetry wrinkles to be properly performed, appropriate fillers should be selected, which is the responsibility of the aesthetic medicine doctor. In the case of the face, there are no half measures, there are no universal preparations, each area, each treatment is tailored to the individual needs, problems and age of the patient. When your skin is smooth after the treatment, with improved face oval and symmetry, you can be sure that the treatment was performed correctly.
How long do the effects last after filling?
It depends on the patient's age, diet, lifestyle and skin condition before the procedure. Depending on the needs of the skin, preparations with hyaluronic acid last from 6 to 18 months. Preparations with synthetic filler are more durable, ie they stay in the skin from 18 to even 33 months! They are recommended for mature skin, the facial features of which are not so pronounced.
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